Results Day!!!

So I got my results today from my graded unit exam..   AND...   It looks like I'll be going to university in September!   OMG. I got a C in the exam, which isn't as good as what I was hoping for, but it's a pass and meets my uni offer conditions, so I... Continue Reading →


A Students Worst Nightmare..

Tonight, I experienced every students worst nightmare.. I lost my whole essay, with 2 days to go until the deadline. (Well really it's one day, because this happened around 12.30pm and it's due 9am on Friday morning.) Here's what happened; I had just finished my final sentence on my 2500 word essay, which I have... Continue Reading →

College – My big exam.

So yesterday was the dreaded day - my graded unit exam, the big one, the decider. Honestly, it wasn't too bad  - except for the fact that it was 3 hours of constant writing, so my hand was very sore, but I suppose no pain, no gain! I guess it could be taken as a good... Continue Reading →

Goals – Progress so far

Hey!! You remember that post I wrote about the April goals? Well, in the short space of just over a week, I have made some progress! I decided to write this post just now, because I know there's going to be plenty more things by the time the month is over, and I don't wanna... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Goals for April.

Wow, we are already entering April, I can't believe how fast this year is going! I hope you are doing well! I have decided to make a decent effort to get rid of some bad habits and gain some new ones, which will hopefully have a more positive impact on my life as a whole... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

Hey, I hope you're doing well! It's been a while since my last post - I decided to take a short break from all things social media related in order to focus more on college work. It seems to have had a positive impact - as I've been more productive and not as distracted. I... Continue Reading →

Mini Life Update;

Hey! I missed a post last week - again, due to having so much work to do for college. So today, I have been trying to catch up with the posts I have missed. Mini Life Update;  The exam.  Remember that exam I was panicking about? Well, I found out on Monday that I've finally... Continue Reading →

Short Blog Update.

Hey! How are you? 🙂  I haven't posted in a while - I think this might actually be my first February post - I have been so busy lately with college that I haven't really had time for anything else. I wrote a post yesterday - just an update about the past few weeks, but... Continue Reading →

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