Holiday/ My week.

Hey guys! It's been a little while since I last posted - I hope you're doing well! The reason I haven't posted much is because I was away on holiday with the family last week, which meant limited internet access and a whole lot of face to face communication - oh, the horror, right?! Obviously... Continue Reading →


Birthday + Bucket List.

So yesterday I celebrated my 21st birthday - I had such a wonderful day, spent with the most important people in my life - my family. Since I still live at home, we're almost always together, but whenever one of us has a birthday it's a lovely day without fighting (and you get to chose... Continue Reading →

This week…

Well guys, it's official - I'm no longer a college student. This past week I've had to go in to make sure that all units and exams were passed and everything was sorted for leaving. I had to go in today to do some last minute touch ups to my history exam, but now, it's... Continue Reading →


Okay, whilst I am super happy to have everything finished, I am now experiencing - boredom... I'm bored. I haven't felt bored for a long time. Not truly bored. What do people actually do when they don't have a zillion essays to write or exams to prepare for? I don't know. There's things outside? Other... Continue Reading →

Final Assessments.

Well guys, that's it. My final assessment has been written and ready to hand in on, thankfully. It couldn't have come soon enough, these past two weeks have definitely been the most stressful - last week I had 3 essays due on the same day and an exam, how I managed, I do not know,... Continue Reading →

Results Day!!!

So I got my results today from my graded unit exam..   AND...   It looks like I'll be going to university in September!   OMG. I got a C in the exam, which isn't as good as what I was hoping for, but it's a pass and meets my uni offer conditions, so I... Continue Reading →

A Students Worst Nightmare..

Tonight, I experienced every students worst nightmare.. I lost my whole essay, with 2 days to go until the deadline. (Well really it's one day, because this happened around 12.30pm and it's due 9am on Friday morning.) Here's what happened; I had just finished my final sentence on my 2500 word essay, which I have... Continue Reading →

College – My big exam.

So yesterday was the dreaded day - my graded unit exam, the big one, the decider. Honestly, it wasn't too badĀ  - except for the fact that it was 3 hours of constant writing, so my hand was very sore, but I supposeĀ no pain, no gain! I guess it could be taken as a good... Continue Reading →

Goals – Progress so far

Hey!! You remember that post I wrote about the April goals? Well, in the short space of just over a week, I have made some progress! I decided to write this post just now, because I know there's going to be plenty more things by the time the month is over, and I don't wanna... Continue Reading →

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