Weekly update – 10.3.19

Who would have known that making pancakes would be so hard? Well actually, I already did - see, every few weeks my sister and I take over the kitchen to see what we can come up with, and most of those tries include pancakes, we have never made a decent pancake yet and that's also... Continue Reading →


Weekly Update – 2.3.19

I just realised that I had accidentally scheduled this post for tomorrow, rather than last week, oops! So I'll just combine the last 2 weeks into this post. Week 1.  I haven't had much going on this past week. I'd like to say that I've been revising for my multiple choice test on Monday, but... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update – 16.2.19

I've decided to start doing weekly updates - there's always something happening, so I thought I'd just share them here - also means I'll be posting a bit more regularly, which is hopefully a good thing. There has been quite a turn of events since I last posted. Last week I received a letter from... Continue Reading →

Dining alone: thoughts and tips.

In general, I am someone who values some alone time every so often, as I am constantly around others, I enjoy having some time to just relax and unwind. Since starting university, I have had many opportunities to explore and being a massive 'foodie,' I like to find new places to eat and new things... Continue Reading →


Hey! I hope you're doing well and had a fantastic Christmas! I know it's been a while since my last post, but I am back! 🙂 Can you believe that 2018 is over already? Where has the time gone? 😯 I've decided not to do new years resolutions this year, as I always aim too... Continue Reading →

My tattoos!

As I just got a new tattoo on yesterday, I thought now would be a great time to do that post I was going to do ages ago (after I got my last one, haha) Tattoo #1 So this was my first ever tattoo, which I got as a gift on my 18th birthday. I... Continue Reading →

Learning new things.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to actually start doing something productive, or at least something to take my mind off of my current lack of productivity. I have started learning Spanish, which seems to be going well so far. I don't actually know what prompted me to download the Duolingo app and choose... Continue Reading →

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